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This is a space to keep track of technical work that is still required.

List of work needed

  • ✓ Done [Mid] (ticket) Add logo
  • ✓ Done [Mid] (ticket) Add import from Commons to speed up importing templates
  • ✓ Done [Mid] (ticket) Get instantcommons working so that MDWiki can use NC Commons (test)
  • ✓ Done [Low] Allow MP4s
  • [Low] (ticket) Add the upload wizard
  • [Low] (ticket) image crop tool
  • [Low] (ticket) Video crop tool
  • [Low] Have NC redirect to the namespace "NC Commons"
  • [Low] Turn on notifications
  • [Low] Add gadget-wikEd
  • [Low] Have "file usage" work when such usage is on MDWiki[1]
  • [Low] Build viewer for groups of images
  • [Low] (ticket) Have the import tool when importing a file also import the file.


$90 USD per month for 5 Tb and $160 per month for 10 Tb

A proposal for a WMF run sister site to do this has been declined as of 2020.[2]

Not done

  • [Low] (ticket) Have NC Commons pull images from Commons